Brokering Services

One of our core values at Asset Commercial Credit is “everybody wins”. When we evaluate our client’s and prospect’s needs our focus is to get them into the right product for their lifecycle phase and financial need. Often our core direct financing is the right fit. Sometimes another financier’s product is more closely aligned to their need. In those instances, we refer the client or prospect to another lender, servicer, or product.

Throughout the process we share our knowledge of finance with our clients, helping them to obtain the credit they are looking for. We pay attention to the structure of credit facilities, matching them with the best fit possible. We focus on providing quality service that is a bit rare in today’s financial world.


  • We keep abreast of different facilities available and the pallet of financers to provide them
  • We apply our deep knowledge base to help our clients make better financing decisions
  • Our clients have access to professional consulting to assist them in reaching their vision.


  • Having the right financing structure in place is crucial to our client’s success
  • Having financed thousands of businesses, we understand the detail of financial structures as they apply to business lifecycle
  • Creative ability to combine different lending solutions


  • Supportive team with the Flexibility to adapt to any business
  • Ability to anticipate potential problems and provide solutions
  • Swift, proactive and responsive communication and decision making

Network of Partners

We are only one piece of the puzzle. It takes village of the right people for a business to succeed. We have a wide range of referral partners that that can support the many needs a business may have.


Small Business Bankers

Middle Market Bankers

Micro Lenders

SBA Lenders

Equipment lender

Inventory lenders

Purchase Order Lenders

CRE Hard Money Lenders


Business Services

Government Assistance (SBDC,CDC)



Book Keepers

Credit Improvement

Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Leasing

Business Brokers

Outsourced Services( CFO’s, Controllers, Marketing, Sales)


We are happy to make an introduction. Reach out to discuss.

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